White Lining on Littleton roads

The Parish Council has received a number of reports about inappropriate and dangerous parking in some of the Littleton roads. In particular problem parking has been identified near junctions with Main road raising safety concerns due to lack of visibility, access problems for larger vehicles and causing pedestrians to walk into the roadway. The Parish Council has reported the issues to Winchester City Council and a plan is in place to add white lines to key points to deter parking in the following roads:-

  • The Hall Way
  • North Drive
  • South Drive
  • Bercote Close

Please see the following diagrams for more details, also available as a pdf here.

Advice regarding Nottingham Knockers

It has been bought to our attention that a group historically known as ‘Nottingham Knockers’ are operating in the Winchester area. They are normally ex-offenders who claim that they are working with a pedlars certificate. Essentially they work to a gang master who will bring a group to a specific area and drop off. The individuals then go off selling door to door before getting picked up and taken to another area. While there are periodically allegations of abusive behaviour by those selling at the door if a householder refuses to buy goods, these incidents are the exception rather than the norm.

The advice is not to open the door to strangers or buy or sell on the doorstep. If a householder is abused or threatened on their own doorstep then they should be calling the police, 101 or 999 if they feel particularly vulnerable by the intimidating behaviour.

They can also contact Hampshire Trading Standards; 03454 04 05 06


Littleton Bus timetable

LITTLETON BUS TIMETABLE, Monday to Saturday, as at 4 September 2016
7 68 16 68 Taxi Share 68 16 68 68 7 68
Littleton Church 8.03 9.41 9.43 13.01 13.33
Winchester Bus Station   Arrive 8.25 9.55 10.05 13.15 13.55
Winchester Bus Station Depart 7.22 10.00 11.30 12.20 13.20 14.40 15.10 16.30
Littleton Church 7.35 10.13 11.45 12.39 13.33 14.59 15.29 16.49
Nr 68 term Time Only
Taxi Share, Thursdays only


IGas Energy Public information meeting

Thursday 29 September 1430 – 1930

Chilbolton Village Hall

Sites include Folly Farm, Hill Farm, Larkwhistle Farm and Fullerton, the planning permission for which expires on December 31 of this year. We have applied to extend this for a further 20 years. Please note, we are not proposing any extension or intensification of activity at these sites.

Alongside the application, we have organised a public exhibition to discuss our plans for various well sites in your area on Thursday 29 September in the Chilbolton Village Hall.

For more information visit igas-engage.co.uk or call on 02036756058.