Meeting dates

The Parish Councillors meet monthly to address a range of local issues, including planning; environmental concerns; traffic measures; liaison with the police and army; recreation and sport.

Anyone is welcome along to our Parish meetings to find out about local issues in the community, and what your councillors are working to resolve or improve for the community.

Time is allocated in the agenda for public participation subject to these conditions. Individuals are limited to 5 minutes speaking time. Speakers must state their name and interest before continuing. Representations can be made to the council and will be noted for consideration but may not necessarily be discussed in the open meeting. This applies particularly to planning representations in order to ensure impartiality.

Meetings either take place in Littleton, at the Millennium Memorial Hall or Harestock at Henry Beaufort School. For a schedule of forthcoming meetings and their locations please see below.

Location and times of Parish Council Meetings:

Littleton: Millennium Memorial Hall   7:00pm

Harestock: Classroom adjacent to the community lounge at Henry Beaufort School   7:00pm

2020 Parish Council Meeting dates

13 Jan – Harestock

10 Feb – Littleton

9 Mar – Littleton

15 Apr – Harestock (Note: Wednesday) CANCELLED

11 May – Littleton CANCELLED

8 Jun – Harestock

13 Jul – Littleton

10 Aug – Harestock

14 Sep – Harestock

12 Oct – Littleton

9 Nov – Harestock

14 Dec – Littleton

Note: March meeting is traditionally in Harestock, and April meeting is traditionally in Littleton but they have been swapped around this year as 13th April is a bank holiday and it was not possible to rebook in Littleton around that date.

2020 Finance Committee 9.30am at the Sports Pavilion

4 Mar

6 May

2 Sep

18 Nov